What to expect during an in-home assessment

  • NO PRESSURE:  First and foremost; there will never be any pressure involved. We are seeking the same thing as you: the best possible care and situation for your loved one. 

  • LOCATION OF YOUR CHOICE:  One of our Care Managers will meet with you in your home, the home of your loved one, or anywhere else and at a time which is convenient for you and your family. If you would prefer the meeting can take place at the hospital or rehab. prior to discharge to make a smooth transition to home.

  • YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED: We understand you may have lots of questions, that's ok with us. You will have all the opportunity you need to have any questions answered and to share any concerns you may have. 

  • INDIVIDUAL PLAN OF CARE: All situations are unique and in order to set up services we will need to learn about your needs. We do that during this time of talking with you and your loved one. An individualized Plan of Care and a schedule of care can then be prepared based on your family needs and situation. In addition to answering your questions we'll discuss with you issue such as:

    • Logistical details such as home access, transportation (if needed), dietary restrictions and needs, etc.

    • Household needs such as meal prep, laundry, cleaning, shopping, etc.

    • Physical needs of your loved one such as walking, PT, sleep schedules, grooming and dressing. 
    • The frequency of visits needed and the schedule

    • Any other care needs or concerns you may have.
  • SCHEDULING CARE: We will then explain to you how soon we can begin home care services to get you the help you and your family needs. We can normally start services within 24 hours. 

  • NO OBLIGATION: You are under no obligation and their is no charge for the In-Home Assessment. 

  • If you decide to move forward with homecare services we then schedule a time for the Care Manager to introduce a caregiver. This will be the same Care Manager who conducted the initial assessment. 

Call (603) 473 - 2510 to schedule an assessment