How to Care for Your Aging Parents from a Distance

If you are living an hour or more away from a family member or loved one who has entrusted you with their care, you are a long-distance caregiver. 

Being a long-distance caregiver can seem impossible but it can be done, and we can help! 

Long distance Caregiving

Long distance caregivers are often daughters and sons, nieces or nephews, grandchildren, or even friends who have been designated to take care of or care for a family members who require assistance in any area ranging from assistance with homemaking and meal preparation to safety and wellness checks. 

Some seniors require assistance in the areas of personal care, transportation for grocery shopping and errands and some may require a once a day check in to ensure that medications have been taken and that they are safe. 

When a long-distance caregiver determines that their loved one requires more care than what they can provide being at a distance, they often contact us.  This doesn’t eliminate the family member as a caregiver, it provides peace of mind that their loved one is being taken care of. 

Long distance caregivers are just as important as caregivers that are in the home providing the physical care.  As our family member ages, the caregiving that a family member can offer from a distance is vital. 

Arranging in home care, oversight of medical and financial matters, providing emotional support, scheduling medical appointments and ensuring that the household is in good repair and making the important decisions for a family member who is no longer able to advocate for themselves are just some examples of caregiving at a distance.  Oftentimes, this can also include a daunting task of trying to build a network of people from the community who can be trusted to actually look in on them from time to time; most long-distance caregivers have a difficult time doing this and are faced with the additional stress of knowing that this isn’t always reliable. 

This is where the benefit of a licensed homecare agency, such as Abundant Blessings Inc., falls.  We have the longstanding trust of the community.  

Let us build a reliable team for you, comprised of our professional staff who have a strong knowledge of caregiving and will always focus on meeting the needs of your loved one while respecting their wishes and will always work with you keeping you well informed and giving you piece of my that all these needs and wishes are being fulfilled. 

Our in-home care programs are designed specifically to meet the needs of your loved one, based on their wishes and yours.  Whether your family member requires around the clock care or minimal assistance there is a program that will meet their needs so that they can age in place in the comfort and familiar surrounding of their own home.