24/7 Home Care Services

Your Mother has been in the hospital and it is time to discuss her discharge. The Doctor and Social Worker gives you an option. Either Mom needs to go to a facility (nursing home or assisted living) or have 24/7 round the clock home care. Mom wants to be home, so the discussion and search begins for the best homecare options. 

There are homecare options. Home Healthcare companies usually are unique in some ways. Some have different employee standards, some have dress codes, many bill in different ways. You want the agency which best fits your needs.

Abundant Blessings Homecare specializes in 24/7 round the clock homecare servcies. This program is managed a little differently because your needs are different. We do not want to turn your home into a facility. We aim to have the least amount of caregivers in your home and they work longer shifts. The cost is reduced as it is billed at a flat rate rather than an hourly rate. We provide a consistent small team of caregivers supervised and continuous communication with family. Our program offers continuity of care which provides you peace of mind.