Medication Wallet Card - New Resource

We have a new resource for you on the library page of our website; it's the Medication Wallet Card. We designed this card to be printed out and folded up to keep in your wallet. Fill in all the information and you will have a running record of your medications with you at all times. In addition it includes spaces for medication allergies, doctors contact info., blood type, emergency contact info., and more. When you print it, you will have to print both sides which will give you two copies of the Medication Wallet Card. You simply cut the paper in half the long way and that will give you the two cards. Then you fold the paper in half and then in half again and store in your wallet.

Keeping a list of your current medications with you at all times in case of an emergency is just one part of a good medication management program. We hope you find this resource helpful. 

Medication Wallet Card