Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Homecare Agency

To obtain a license, a homecare agency must meet certain requirements for the state.

These requirements include:

  • Criminal Background Checks

  • BEAS registry check

  • TB Testing

  • Physical

  • Training

  • Liability Insurance

In addition to the above, we recommend asking your potential agency questions pertaining to things the state does not require of an agency, yet are important when considering care for a loved one.

These include:

  • · How long has the agency been in business?

  • · Are all caregivers employees or are they subcontracted?

  • · What are their hiring standards?

  • · What are the qualifications

  • · What is the company dress code?

  • · How much experience do the employees have?

  • · What is the training and continuing education program for the employees?

  • · Does the agency provide drug abuse testing for employees?

  • · What is the range of pay provided to employees?

  • · Does the agency conduct motor vehicle background checks? (this is especially important if the caregiver will be providing transportation)

  • · Are your caregivers insured and bonded?

  • ·Is there enough staff if at any time my loved one needs more hours of care (ie: 24 hour a day), or if a caregiver should call in sick do you have the staff for coverage?

  • ·What are your hours of operation, how are phone calls handled during odd hours?

  • ·What types of pre-hire screening do you conduct on your employees.

 Click Here for a PDF of Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Homecare Agency.