Family Decision Time

Is the following story familiar to you?

You have been the family caregiver for your aging mom for some time now. She thinks she is entirely independent and doesn’t need help, you know better. You have been helping with laundry, cleaning, and even help her organize her medications. Although mom is in denial that she needs any help, you are at your limit; physically, emotionally, and your time is stretched to the max. You would like to get some Homecare help, but you dare not bring it up, yet.

Then Mom falls. She is hospitalized for a while, and after is moved to the rehab. The doctor gives a choice of either a nursing home or 24/7 homecare, and Mom gets angry. She insists she is not going to a nursing home and the thought of having strangers in her home invading her privacy is unsettling to her. 

The solutions to situations such as this will be unique to each individual family. You as the family caregiver can greatly relieve any anxiety mom may have by showing care, concern, and calming her. Let her know you are there for her. Tell her, “let’s just try this and see how it goes”.

There are many options and programs available for families in situations such as this. Following are some resources to get you started.