Gift Ideas for Seniors / The Elderly

The holiday season is upon us once again. I love the holiday season. I love the festivities, the decor and especially the memories made with family and friends.  But along with all that merriment, comes the sometimes difficult to answer question about what to give to those on your Christmas gift list. Often, the gifts most difficult to choose are those intended for the elderly. To help you this Holiday Season, I have compiled a list of suggestions and ideas.

Your gift choice will depend upon a number of factors: is the recipient in a nursing home or other facility?, is the recipient active?, what hobbies does the recipient have which they may be having difficulty enjoying due to physical limitations or other restrictions?, Does the recipient drive? Thinking through these and other questions can help point you in the right direction for a gift choice.

Gift certificates are always appreciated gifts. However, if you choose to give a gift certificate as your gift, it is a nice idea to give something with it, for example, if you give a car wash gift certificate, put it in a small basket with a car fragrance item, maybe a travel mug and other car related goodies. Be creative. A gift card is a nice gift but it becomes even more special when it is given with a bit more thought and creativity.

Please note, we are not affiliated with any of the companies which we have provided links to, nor are we paid for suggesting the products or websites. We also are not endorsing any particular brands or products. This list was compiled for your convenience and to give you ideas and suggestions. 

Following are some gift ideas:

For driving seniors:

  • Car Wash Gift Certificate
  • Oil Change Gift Certificate

 For seniors with vision problems:

 For seniors with hobbies:

  • Wheeled Gardening Seat - like this, or this, include with this a nice set of gardening gloves and maybe some seeds or bulbs. 
  • A bird feeder with bird seed (installed and refilled regularly!), with this include a field guide, and a journal to record who visits the feeder.
  • Magazine Subscription to hobby related magazine
  • Audio Book related to hobby

 For elderly with physical limitations:

  • Install or pay to have grab bars installed in the bathroom
  • Large foam handled utensils - like these
  • Key Turners - like this

 General Gifts for Seniors

  • Grocery Store Gift Card
  • Stationary and Stamps
  • Puzzles
  • Pocket Shawl - here's one
  • Warming Footies - these are nice
  • Coffees/Teas/Cocoas
  • Favorite Candies
  • Gift Certificate to Salon
  • Crossword Puzzle Books - why not put this with some fun crossword puzzle merchandise like this or this
  • Lap Desk (the ones with storage are nice) here's some
  • Paper Shredder (the elderly are susceptible to fraud)
  • Non Slip Shoe Covers - these from Yak Trax are great
  • Warm Socks
  • Nice Mittens / Gloves
  • Silk Scarf
  • Audio Book
  • Schedule a visit with a therapy dog
  • Schedule a massage (some will even go to their home)
  • Subscription to Netflix

 Gifts of time for seniors:

  • Offer to set up (and take down) Christmas decoratioons
  • Make small meals in freezer containers
  • Baked goods made in small individual size pans
  • Give the gift of a day or a few hours or work around the house, the yard etc.
  • Play their favorite game with them, scrabble is often a favorite
  • Take the time to make a puzzle together

I hope this list gives you some ideas or at least gets you started in the right direction.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season.

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